Alphabet to Authenticity

Welcome and Happy New Year. My gift to you to start the year is a deck of cards based on the alphabet to inspire your authentic self. I have done […]

Dating Money

Dating Money How is your relationship with money these days? Any good dating spots? Have you ever thought about dating money? I am not talking about dating for money. I […]

New Beginnings

New Beginnings “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” —Seneca September is a month of endings and beginnings. The Jewish New Year often falls in September, offering an […]

Let’s Talk About Wellness

I find it fascinating how different months have different themes. This month’s theme is wellness, a subject I’m sure we can all use more information on. I was curious about […]

Learning from the Dolphins: The Curious Voyage

In the 1990s, I was trained in B.R.E.T.H. work (Breathe Releasing Energy for Transformation and Healing as described in The Curious Voyage). My teacher, Kamala Hope Campbell, integrated what she […]

Recharging Your Inner Sunshine

Welcome to the month of May! The birds are singing, the flowers are coming out to play, and the sun is shining longer than before. Spring is in full bloom. […]

Authentic Oneness Podcast with Mark Grixti

Awe in Trauma: Authentic Oneness (with Cynthia Schwartzberg) on Apple Podcasts Cynthia shares her incredibly rich and diverse experience in psychotherapy and allied approaches to healing.  In this episode she […]

Celebrating March

Women’s History Month and Social Work Month are here, along with Spring. Let’s celebrate the women in our lives and the world that have helped make a difference. Some women […]

Reframing the Dead of Winter

As we enter the dead of winter, many of us have found ourselves looking forward to the warmth and sunshine of bright spring days. But, some find themselves dreading that […]

Cynthia on the Thoughts on Therapy Podcast

  Cynthia joins Bryan Stephens for an in-depth discussion on Authenticity.     All content found published by Cynthasis, LLC including: text, images, audio, or other formats were created for […]

Journaling as a Powerful New Habit

The other day, I had just begun working through the Curious Voyage Journal when my colleague posted about the importance of keeping a journal. As I pondered their post, I […]

How to Tap into Your Natural Magnificence

How to Tap Into Your Natural Magnificence We are each absolutely magnificent beings. Yes, that means you too. I don’t just mean magnificent in a theoretical sense. Even when you are […]

Attachment Styles and Finances

Attachment Styles and Finances As a therapist, you work with your clients to help them build a healthy relationship with themselves, their pasts, the people in their lives, and their […]

Cynthia talks The Curious Voyage on the All Things Therapy Podcast   Website: Facebook: @nolatherapy Twitter: @TahirLcsw Instagram: @nolatherapy YouTube:   All content found published by Cynthasis, LLC including: text, images, audio, or other formats were created for informational purposes only. The […]

Develop Your Intuition to get into Flow

intuition flow peace calm

Develop Your Intuition to Get into Flow We are born as sensitive, self-attuned beings. Sadly, however, too many of us are feeling anxiety, overwhelm and depression right now. It doesn’t […]