For all those who practice Brainspotting.

Individual consultations provide one-on-one time to deepen your excellence in Brainspotting and are a path toward certification.

Become certified – Go to for details.
Commit to ongoing study, provide clients your best, and receive additional one-on-one teaching for specific questions.

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Group consultations will support your learning in community.

I have studied with Dr. David Grand since 2000 and remain in his Consultation Group. I welcome the opportunity to share my experience with you in these groups. The group frames the format based on the participants’ needs.

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Healing with Brainspotting – Supporting Each Other to do our own Work

This free group meets on the third Thursday of each month. New setups and/or self-regulation are offered before we pair up and shift into our individual work. Looking forward to healing in community.

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Consultants Group

The most recent CIT class would like to continue to study and grow together with Brainspotting and are open to past graduates joining. We’ll have time to speak about consultations, what you are discovering and how to enrich the experience for yourself and your consultees.

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“Cynthia not only explains but demonstrates process and invites participation/practice in the consulting room, which is a very effective learning environment for me. As a member of the group, I have expanded my knowledge-base of the numerous applications and artful subtleties involved in Brainspotting. I enjoy the lively, informative, and mutually supportive atmosphere that is a part of this group.” -PG

“Participating in Cynthia’s consultation group has been a wonderful place to connect with other therapists who recognize and understand the value of Brainspotting. Of the many benefits, it is so rewarding to hear what other therapists struggle within their journey as Brainspotting therapists and to feel their warm support and guidance as I share my own growth and challenges as a Brainspotting therapist.” -KS

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