Financial Flow 

You give your heart and soul to your work as a private practice therapist.  Isn’t it time your financial life reflected your dedication and passion?

When clients come to you feeling broken, you lean in with openness, empathy, and wholehearted belief in their ability to heal.   You hold the space that leads them to solve their problems and flourish in the process.  The work you do with them is sacred, and you wouldn’t trade it for anything.

You do this work for the love of others and to support your family.  But somehow, when it comes to balancing the “others & you” equation, it feels like you’re in an advanced calculus class where everyone else seems to “get it” but you.  No matter what you’ve tried–money manifesting mantras, mindset work, raising your rates, or even putting yourself on a spending deprivation diet–you can’t seem to make traction financially. You’re smart enough to know you can’t just add another three hours of clients to your schedule to have more money. Your clients deserve your attuned presence, and you simply can’t give them that when you’re feeling fried. And your deepest desire is to be just as present to your loved ones as you are to your clients without having to worry about money.  

The reality is that childhood experiences, intergenerational patterns, cultural pressures, and unconscious beliefs about money can trigger money shame–leaving you feeling awkward, ambivalent, avoidant or just plain weird when it comes to mindfully earning, spending, saving, investing, and giving.   

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If you’re ready to heal all the aspects of your relationship with money so you can feel confident, comfortable and capable in your financial life, join The Financial Flow Intensive Group Experience.

The Financial Flow Intensive Group Experience

  • Closed group, limited to 20 clinicians
  •  5 month-long journey, focusing on improving the way you earn, spend, save, invest & give money
  • 16 hours of intensive group time with multiple Brainspotting trainers and consultant-led Brainspotting exercises in each group
  • A prework questionnaire with personalized video recorded assessment from Cynthia or Beth 
  • Electronic workbook/journal with prompts
  •  Facebook private group with accountability check-ins, troubleshooting Q & A, and community support 
  • Work with a peer “Spotter” in between groups

The Financial Flow Journey works by…

  1. Helping you identify the unhealthy conscious and unconscious money beliefs & patterns
  2. Using the Brainspotting method to dissolve the unhelpful money beliefs and patterns, as well as augment and celebrate the healthy ones
  3. Tackling fears and shame around your past and present money issues so you can know where you stand right now, unleash your money-savvy confidence, and build future financial security
  4. Providing homework in between group meetings that isn’t busywork but truly augments what you’ve learned and helps you keep moving forward
  5. Harnessing the supportive power of a small community of like-minded private practice clinicians who you can connect with for support and accountability
  6. Attuning to the needs of the small community in our private Facebook group

As a result of your Financial Flow journey, you can expect to 

  • Feel hopeful about your financial future 
  • Meet the short-term financial goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the program
  • Stop giving away your time, talent, and treasure to every Tom, Dick, and Harry.
  • Give from a place of abundance instead of guilt or misplaced charity
  • Regularly contribute to your retirement account and give yourself bonuses. 
  • Open your bank statements, knowing there won’t be any surprises (because you know where your money is going)

Give yourself and your family financial security that’s in line with the emotional freedom you give to your clients.  Join Financial Flow now to $hift the $hame!

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