The Curious Voyage is a Journey to Authenticity that Will Break All the Rules.

The choice to step into our most authentic self is one of the greatest voyages any of us will undertake in our lives. It takes us to curious and mystifying places – all within our own minds. The Curious Voyage: A Rule-Breaking Guidebook to Authenticity is a remarkable resource for the courageous explorer. It is a voyage of self-discovery and awakening. 

Along the journey, you’ll discover stories from the author and many of her clients from their own journey experiences. You’ll also receive richly powerful exercises to help strengthen your connection both to your truest self and to others.

The Curious Voyage is a transformative tool. Cynthia’s warm, gentle style makes even the most challenging, belief-busting breakthroughs feel accessible and understandable.


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The Curious Voyage is a book about letting go of conditional responses and finding your own voice. If you are feeling lost, experiencing pain, or trying to overcome self-destructive patterns, this book will help you do the inner work needed to shift from a place of being stuck to a place of hope, joy, and manifestation.

Unlike many other self-help books, The Curious Voyage can be used as a guidebook that takes the reader on a voyage in discovering their authentic self. By doing the exercises within the book, you will experience a state of aliveness, deep knowing, joy, and peace. 

Are you ready to feel empowered with clarity in your voice that allows you to express your authentic self?


“I found this book helpful for its integration of talk therapy combined with bodywork. Many of the books’ exercises focused on combining breath and the body in working on negative thinking patterns. I found doing the exercises while reading this book to be a powerful experience that deepened my understanding of the author’s guided assistance towards personal growth.”

Mark Seides

“The Curious Voyage by Cynthia Schwartzberg is an immersion into self-exploration. Cynthia shares her life experiences, some of them humbling, with the reader in a way that evokes a desire for self-reflection.  Throughout the book, Cynthia provides carefully crafted thought-provoking questions aimed at self-evaluation and personal growth. 

My takeaway from this book; we have a choice of how we view and respond to our daily experiences. This book elicits a fresh, healthy and grounded way to approach this Curious Voyage we call life.”

Lisa Terry

“Schwartzberg writes for the curious within us all. What makes her guidance such a rewarding read is that she’s already aware that your curiosity is best met with a compassionate and provisional hand. Take it! Go on her journey of wisdom and uncover your present-day reaction/relationship patterns. The Curious Voyage will provide you with heart-centered and easily adaptable practices for optimum mind-body-spirit connection.”

David Ault, Author of The Grass is Greener Right Here

About the Author

Cynthia Schwartzberg, LSCW, is a well-recognized leader in the groundbreaking Brainspotting field. She has spent decades using Brainspotting and other highly regarded techniques to help individuals and couples discover their authentic selves and lead richer, freer, and more meaningful lives.

“I initially began the book to bring out some key messages of how to shift from a place of being stuck to a place of hope, joy, and manifestation. I noticed that resources out there may give hope but not necessarily the tools to do the deeper work to transform one’s life. With The Curious Voyage, I hope to change that.”

Cynthia is currently a practicing therapist in Atlanta who delights in the voyage to authenticity she and her clients embark on daily. Using the latest in neuroscience as well as ancient wisdom traditions from around the world, she has devoted her life to going as far as possible into the experiences of both curiosity and wonder.





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