Getting Unstuck with Brainspotting


How is your light shining this season? What can you do to enhance the light within and stay connected with the healing process for all of those you help? Let’s discover what Brainspotting is and

Getting Unstuck with Brainspotting2020-12-19T04:01:27-05:00

From Fear to Love


From Fear to Love Trauma is healed in Community. Let’s share and heal together. Fear Zone  The other day someone shared the below chart from Off the Mat, Into the World Facebook page. I was

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Setting the Tone for your Day


Setting the Tone for your Day Setting the tone for your day in the morning can make all the difference for the middle – our daily moments – and our quality of sleep. Whether you

Setting the Tone for your Day2019-05-31T14:01:53-04:00