Happy May! This month honors many, including Brain Tumor Awareness Month, Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage and Mental Health Awareness Month. 

My father was one of many who suffered from Brain Tumors. His tumor impacted his life in multiple ways. It grew slowly and affected the emotional side of his brain. We had no idea it caused many of his strange behaviors. This makes me think about assumptions, patience and information. How often do you make an assumption about a loved one’s behavior and then react to it with little awareness of the truth? 

Over the years, I realized I have made up many stories about myself and others. These stories are ways our brain tries to make sense of our experiences. They are often based on family, cultural and often generational patterns. My father was someone I made up lots of stories about. I am sad to say I never really got to know him. Through various forms of therapy, I have been able to heal from those stories. If you have stories or set thoughts about your loved ones, I invite you to look at them from many angles, much like a kaleidoscope. See the various facets and discover you can pick any.  

This month I have been focusing on the book, “It Didn’t Start with You.” One story I had was that I didn’t fit in. Well, my father was the scapegoat of his family. Maybe I was carrying a story that was not mine, and maybe he was too. Who is to say? I have come to know I belong, and I have a purpose. I invite you to discover your greatness this month. Explore how you understand yourself and others.

Today, I am grateful to know how much science has grown in its understanding of the brain since my father’s error. Our brains are so precious and amazing. We have barely begun to understand them. Could we ever? In honor of the brain, its magnificence and all of our mental health, let’s keep opening up to the unexpected.

For now, we can begin to enhance our mental health with some tools such as journaling, meditation, exercise and nourishing readings.












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