Welcome and Happy New Year. My gift to you to start the year is a deck of cards based on the alphabet to inspire your authentic self. I have done this with the Alan-on slogans where I wrote a slogan on a card, chose one card for the day and lived into it. It’s lots of fun and transformative. The series offers an affirmation and exercise. Keep repeating the affirmation throughout the day and try on the suggestions. Journal at the end of the day, and feel free to share your discoveries at [email protected]. The complete set of cards can be downloaded here.

Let’s have some fun!

A is for Awareness. I am aware. As you walk through the day, look around and notice how you feel connected to the earth and your body. Notice the sounds, smells, temperature, and beauty around you. Notice your body’s reactions to what others are saying. How does it feel?

B is for Bona fide. I am believable and genuine. Authentic people are truthful and say it as it is. Think about how you want to approach a situation that has been challenging. How can you say what you mean and not say it meanly? Speak to someone from your heart today.

C is for Compassion. I am compassionate. Authentic people are giving and caring without having to take on the feelings of others. Find ways to express compassion today as you help another. Or consider how you speak with another as you express your needs/desires/boundaries compassionately in a non-violent communication fashion.

D is for Dependable. I am dependable. People can rely on an authentic person’s words and actions. Can you rely on yourself? See what it is like to make a personal promise and stick to it. Often it increases self-esteem.

E is for Energetic. I am energetic. Authentic people are vibrant and live fully. Every breath you take, and every step you move is taken with a state of vitality, gratitude and purpose. Be connected to your vibrant self today.

F is for Fun. I am fun. Authentic people are not afraid to be who they are and enjoy life. While you move through life today, have fun. Connect to something with playfulness and delight. Choose one thing that makes you laugh with pleasure.

G is for Growth. I am committed to growing. Authentic people are willing to learn and grow. Choose one characteristic about yourself that you would like to expand on today and find a reading, an expression or an exercise that can help you grow.

H is for Honest. I am honest with myself and others. Let yourself relax into knowing the truth in various situations throughout the day, and find kind ways to express yourself. You shift from denial to being honest with your actions and words. Choose one way to focus these actions today.

I is for Ideals. I am aligned with my values, ideals and actions. Live into your standards of yourself as a person and a role model to others. Today, find a way to express and exemplify a value in an action.

J is for Joyful. I am joyful. What brings you joy? Sit and imagine how it feels in your body when you are in a state of joy doing whatever brings you joy or being with someone that amplifies your joy. Draw, write or dance up the energy of joy.

K is for Kindness. I am kind. Today I choose to do three acts of kindness.

L is for Listening. I am a great listener. Authentic people listen to connect not just to be polite. Listen to your inner voice today by taking ten minutes to sit and listen within. Notice the inside and outside noises. When with others, listen attentively keeping the focus on them. Take value in what they share.

M is for Magnificent. I am magnificent. The exercise in The Curious Voyage: A Rule-Breaking Guidebook to Authenticity is good for this. https://youtu.be/TIbhk498el0.

N is for Not perfect. I accept imperfections. Authentic people accept themselves and others as they are. They seek honesty over perfection and pretense. Today, explore being non-judgmental and accepting the imperfections of life.

O is for Original. I am original. There is no one on this planet like you. Celebrate and honor yourself today. Create something original—a recipe, something at work or whatever else pleases your originality.

P is for Pure. I come with pure intent. Authenticity has to do with having good intentions in our actions. Begin the day with an intention of bringing your vibrant sincere energy into your actions. Set your alarm to be reminded of doing this with awareness at a specific moment.

Q is for Questioning. I am curious and questioning life. An authentic person will not accept something just because they are told that is what to do or how it is. They are curious about life and will question what does not feel genuine. Notice what you are accepting at face value and what you are willing to get curious about today.

R is for Responsibility. I am responsible. Authentic people take responsibility for their actions. Notice one thing you have been putting off and take responsibility for completing it. If you did wrong or wronged another, make amends today.

S is for Stable. I am steady and stable in character. Write down five ways you have expressed or are willing to express your steadfast, stable nature. You can be depended on because of this as you stick to your word.

T is for Thankful. I am grateful. Express gratitude with a personal note or gesture. A fun exercise I learned is to fill one pocket with pennies. Throughout the day as you express gratitude, shift a penny to the other pocket. At the end of the day, express enough gratitude that all the pennies moved to the second pocket.

U is for Unique. I am unique. Authentic people know that everyone is different, and each person is unique in their own way. Choose one thing you love to express and do it today. Honor someone’s uniqueness today.

V is for Very. I am very_____. Today, fill in a word that describes your authentic nature. Live it large today.

W is for Wholehearted. I am wholehearted. Offer a promise to someone today and follow it through. Or make a clear commitment and plan to do so. Notice how energizing it is to do that. The promise needs to be something you give for fun and free.

X is for Xenodochial (someone who is friendly to strangers). I am a very xenodocial person. Being friendly to strangers is a way of accepting people as they are and offering kindness. Authentic people extend their true nature to those around them. See what it’s like to treat a stranger like your best friend.

Y is for Yes. I say Yes. Authentic people do not waiver. They are clear, concise and honest with their actions. Know your Y and live into it today. Spend time journaling about what you desire and how you want to live a purposeful life.

Z is for Zealous. I have a zealous nature for what matters. What are you zealous about? Congratulations on discovering all your authentic characteristics. Keep expanding them with your zealous nature.


Download all the printable cards here!


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