I find it fascinating how different months have different themes. This month’s theme is wellness, a subject I’m sure we can all use more information on. I was curious about what got the National Wellness Month started and discovered a wealth of information about its history. 

Now, before we jump into the fascinating history behind the term, first thing’s first: What is wellness? The term can certainly seem vague when not put into context. Wellness can be described as a state of being happy and healthy.

Chances are if you have consumed any media these days, whether social media or some other form, you have heard the term “wellness.” While the word seems to have taken off over the past few years, it is certainly not a new concept. 

Yes, we know that the term wellness gained traction as researchers focused more and more on learning which habits and behaviors contribute to living one’s best quality of life. However, my research has shown me that the concept of wellness has been around much longer than one may believe (and it has appeared in cultures worldwide throughout history).

Wellness has been around since ancient times, being found in practices like Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and ancient Greek and Roman wellness practices. Each one of these practices can be dated back as far as 3,000 B.C.! As modern-day medicinal practices used the learnings found in these ancient practices to further their knowledge on keeping our minds and bodies in tip-top shape, I have learned that our current concept of wellness would be nowhere without the revolutionary learnings of the Earth’s early philosophers and physicians. 

So, how did National Wellness Month find its way into our culture today? National Wellness Month was founded by a company known as Live Love Spa in the year 2018 to foster a sense of togetherness within the wellness community and inspire individuals to take control of their own wellness journey.

Now, if you are ready to find ways to participate in National Wellness Month, we can provide a list of great things to do to care for your wellness- like eating healthy, moving your body, drinking enough water, and getting adequate amounts of sleep. However, I am a true believer that beginning one’s journey to wellness begins with getting to know oneself. 

We each have a different rhythm, so the answers to our personal wellness journey will beat to our own drum. Personally, I have found my rhythm marches to the beat of a doer. I love August as a time to play, enjoy outdoor sports activities, and relish in the flavors of the fresh foods of the summer. In enjoying my favorite summer activities, I have found that my soul truly comes alive. 

This rhythm won’t be the same for everyone, which is why I believe it is critical to begin your journey to wellness by getting to know yourself. A few ways you can do this are by:

You will find the beginning of your path toward optimal wellness through your journey to self-discovery. You will understand the activities that leave a smile on your face, that drain you of your energy, or that leave you feeling your happiest and healthiest. This month, let’s observe the innermost workings of our minds and allow our inner selves to guide us down our path to wellness.

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