Love, Power and Serenity are three key ingredients to our vitality and creating life. How we work with them in harmony or distortion can make all the difference in the world. Let’s look at how these three things interact.

When I feel love, I feel in the flow of life and all that life has to offer. I am open, free of my fears and worries. I feel giving and receptive. I am in a state of awe and wonder for those I am in contact with and the world at large. It is endless.heart shaped from green shrubs and trees

Love in distortion, however, is fear. Fear can tell me so many things about so many people. If I follow it, I can end up in a dark hole. The other day, I was caught into thinking about a loved one and how they were running their life. I started to feel old patterns of thought and behavior come up. I felt short-tempered with them. I was distant and making up justifying reasons in my head about why until I caught myself and realized these reasons were making me feel cold and distant. I stopped when my observer part said, Wait, look in the mirror. How is this helping your heart stay open?

I then stopped thinking about the shortcomings of the other and shifted the focus back to myself. I did some self-reflection and worked with my energy to feel more vibrant. I made a choice to see myself as a patient, loving person. I watered that garden and those thoughts and yes; I did some self-spotting on the subject. For the details of that procedure, go to

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My power directed this choice and helped make it happen. We all have a kind of power that is often called willpower. It is the motivation, the driving force we use to function. I can use my willpower to align with love and the best of all, or I can use it to try to get what I want. I can try to force things into being or I can soften around the edges, have a desire, intend for a certain direction and listen within to guide my force in a positive direction.

In this situation, I used my willpower to stop my negative pattern, support self-love and love for the other and dive deeper into my body and energy for a shift to happen.

We all can choose to do these things. We may not always like the choices we are given, but we don’t have to stop there and fall into a pit.

We can use our power energy to seek more for ourselves. When we can’t do it alone, we can reach for help. I started my help in this situation with self-spotting. If that had not worked, I would have sought help from another. There are many ways to go about it. My mother used to say, “Where there is a will, there is a way.” The power is our will to align with an intention to find the way.

calm peaceful sea at sunriseSerenity
I also used Serenity, which is “The state of being calm, peaceful and untroubled.” My awareness as I observed and described my state of mind to myself was far from serene. It was stuck in the pride of me being right and making the other wrong. Often, false serenity shows up as pride or with a lot of reasons to prove my case. My logical mind was filled with obsessive thoughts of how someone was and how I did not like it and thoughts about what I had to do to fix the situation. And, initially, I do not mean fix my state of mind. Initially, my mind was focused outward on fixing the other person. So, first I turned the mirror from facing out to facing toward myself.

Once I was able to explore my reactions, I was able to surrender my forcing willpower to a sense of being serene.

So the intent to align with love helped me use my will to get to serenity.

I hope this has been helpful. Feel free to write and share your experiences and thoughts.

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