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Brainspotting Phase Two February 5-7, 2023

February 5, 2023 February 7, 2023


Christine Ranck, PhD, LCSW and Cynthia Schwartzberg, LCSW are Senior Brainspotting Trainers and Supervisors with over 30 years of experience in private practice, Christine in NYC/Murfreesboro and Cynthia in NYC/Atlanta. Close colleagues of Dr. David Grand, discoverer/developer of Brainspotting, they participate in a monthly consultation group with Dr. Grand. They specialize in working with survivors of profound trauma, and in creativity and performance enhancement for athletes, artists and performers, and are internationally known seminar leaders and speakers. 

Who is this training for?

This course for Psychologists, Social Workers, MFTs, Counselors, Creative Arts Therapists and Chemical Dependency Counselors. You may check if your state qualifies for CEs at this link: www.ceuregistration 


This 3-day Brainspotting Phase Two training is an Intermediate course and will begin with an extensive overview of how to do Brainspotting effectively online in this traumatic time of Covid-19. We will discuss your own Limbic Countertransference during this pandemic and how you can best serve your activated clients. We will review in detail how to do all of the Phase One techniques remotely including: Outside and Inside Window, Gazespotting, and Body Resource Brainspotting.

Trainees will be introduced to five additional Phase Two techniques that are very important and effective for resourcing your clients deeply. This includes One-Eye Brainspotting, Z-Axis-3 Dimensional Brainspotting using close and far, this includes Convergence Therapy which expands the Z-Axis to activate the vagus nerve through the ocular cardiac reflex. This prevents panic attacks and is very effective in reducing activation. In this era of such existential trauma, we will be presenting two advanced Outside Window techniques including “Rolling Brainspotting” with slow eye tracking stopping briefly on each Brainspot. Advanced techniques will also include combined Inside-Outside Brainspotting where both reflexive responses and the client’s sense of highest activation are used together to find Brainspots.

Day 3 will be devoted to the second level of the Advanced Resource Model. This will entail combining the resource aspects of One-Eye and Z-Axis Brainspotting. This addresses working with clients with Very Complex PTSD and those outside of the Brainspotting Window of Tolerance.

Techniques taught with PowerPoint lecture, discussion with Q & A, demonstrations and practicums will be done online. Course Content is at Intermediate Level.


  • Utilize components taught in Brainspotting (Outside and Inside Window and Gazespotting)
  • Utilize Dual Attunement Frame
  • Demonstrate and use One-Eye Brainspotting
  • Demonstrate and use 3 Dimensional Z-Axis and Convergence Therapy
  • Demonstrate and use Rolling Brainspotting
  • Demonstrate and use combined Inside-Outside Brainspotting
  • Demonstrate and use Second Level of the Advanced Resource Model
  • Review the components of Brainspotting
  • Utilize the techniques of “One-Eye Brainspotting,” “Z-Axis,” “Rolling Brainspotting,” “Inside-Outside Brainspotting” and the “Advanced Resource Model of Brainspotting.”
  • Define how Brainspotting can be applied to Trauma, Dissociation, Sports psychology, Somatic conditions
  • Demonstrate the theories and practices of Brainspotting

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Continuing Education Details

All participants who are present for the full length of this training will receive a Certificate of Attendance from Cynthasis after completion of the post-training evaluation.

Cynthasis has obtained approval for this Brainspotting Phase 1 training for 21 CEs from the Georgia Society for Clinical Social Work which is approved by the Georgia Board of Professional Counselors, Social Workers, and Marriage Therapists.

All social workers, professional counselors, and marriage therapists licensed in GA will be eligible for 21 CEs for this training at no additional cost. Also, social workers, professional counselors, and marriage therapists licensed in other states in which their licensing board allows training approved by a different state board of licensing to count toward continuing education requirements will be eligible for 21 CEs for this training at no additional cost.

If you are not sure of your state board of licensing’s continuing education, you can click here to check. [You are being directed to a web page on the CEMPSYCH, LLC-the continuing education company owned by Sonya Lott, Ph.D. who is also the continuing education consultant for Brainspotting Trainings, LLC]

For all other participants, you can obtain continuing education credits for this training through R. Cassidy Seminars only if you are licensed in one of the states for which R. Cassidy Seminars is an approved provider of continuing education for their specific discipline. The cost is $30.

Here are the disciplines and specific states for which R. Cassidy Seminars is an approved provider of continuing education:

  • psychologists licensed in NY
  • psychoanalysts licensed in NY
  • social workers licensed in IL, NY, & OH
  • counselors/marriage and family therapists licensed in IL, NY, OH, & TX
  • creative arts therapists licensed in NY
  • chemical dependency Counselors licensed in CA & TX
  • educators licensed in TX and
  • nurses licensed in CA

PLEASE NOTE: R. Cassidy Seminars is no longer able to offer continuing education for Brainspotting Trainings through the American Psychological Association (APA), or the Association of Social Work Board (ASWB).

All participants will be given the URL needed to purchase continuing education through R. Cassidy Seminars after the completion of the post-training evaluation.

Cynthasis, LLC  Training Agreement

By attending this Brainspotting Training, I understand and agree to the below terms and conditions.

  1. Confidentiality: This training is delivered using a PowerPoint presentation, live/online demonstrations, and practicums during which attendees will be working with their own personal material. All personal and clinical information is to be kept confidential and may not be shared elsewhere. Treat the personal information of others with the same respect which you would expect for yourself.

  1. Online platform.  It is understood that:

    1. Possible Misunderstandings due to the lack of nonverbal cues normally present with in-person teaching, technology-assisted teaching is prone to possible misunderstandings and clarification will be requested when necessary.

    2. Privacy Breaches. Technology-assisted teaching utilizes a large number of outside resources and companies (internet and software providers, public utilities, etc). All these entities are prone to their own security risks. 

  1. Competency: Treating trauma requires specific training in the nature of trauma, its effects on the brain and body, establishing and maintaining safety, and much more. This is not a course on trauma and trauma treatment, and this course does not make you a trauma therapist if you are not one already. Rather, it teaches an effective tool to add to your treatment repertoire. You are responsible for your own professional development in this area.

  1. Responsibility. This course uses demonstrations and practicums to develop participants’ understanding of Brainspotting and its clinical applications. This course is intended for education and professional development. It is not designed or intended to be for the attendee’s personal therapy, nor for clinical supervision. If you find that you are emotionally activated during practice sessions, please do speak to a trainer or assistant, and of course, do what you need to regulate yourself. If participants need additional support or input following this course, this is not the responsibility of the trainers nor of Brainspotting Training, LLC.

  1. Volunteers and Practicum Process.  My participation in volunteering for demonstration and/or practicums is to help myself and others learn the material.  I understand this is not therapy and not intended to replace therapy.  As a volunteer, I agree to have others learn from my personal experience.  I agree to work respectfully with my partners in the practicums.

  1. Scope of Practice. This course is available to licensed mental health professionals who are members of a professional regulating body, and to trainees in those professions. It is your responsibility to work at all times within the scope of practice of your own discipline. 

This training is Live Interactive Online via ZOOM. 

Registration Fees:

Early Registration until November 5, 2022 – $745.00
Standard Registration until January 22, 2023 – $795.00
Late Registration – Beginning January 23, 2023 – $845.00
Full-Time Students in an accredited program and Repeats – $400


Refunds are only given under special circumstances or in case of emergency and must be cleared by the Brainspotting Trainings organization before given. Trainers do not decide the circumstances that merit a full refund. However, if you are unable to attend, your payment can also be held and applied to the next Brainspotting training given by Cynthia Schwartzberg at any date/location that is convenient for you.


If you do not receive a letter with details about the training upon completion of payment, please email [email protected].

  • When prompted to subscribe, please say yes so you will receive needed information regarding the training. You may always unsubscribe at a later time. 
  • If possible, please use a personal email address instead of your work email to prevent company/organizational servers from blocking necessary correspondence. 
  • Please use the address you want your goggles mailed to and the phone number where we can reach you during the training.

Register here:

If you do not receive a letter with details about the training upon completion of payment, please email [email protected].


February 5, 2023
February 7, 2023
$745 – $845
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