Reframing the Dead of Winter


As we enter the dead of winter, many of us have found ourselves looking forward to the warmth and sunshine of bright spring days. But, some find themselves dreading that time between the sparkling, cozy

Reframing the Dead of Winter2022-02-05T05:40:57-05:00

Cynthia on the Thoughts on Therapy Podcast

2022-01-29T21:07:25-05:00   Cynthia joins Bryan Stephens for an in-depth discussion on Authenticity.     All content found published by Cynthasis, LLC including: text, images, audio, or other formats were created for informational purposes only. The

Cynthia on the Thoughts on Therapy Podcast2022-01-29T21:07:25-05:00

Journaling as a Powerful New Habit


Journaling as a Powerful New Habit The other day, I had just begun working through the Curious Voyage Journal when my colleague posted about the importance of keeping a journal. As I pondered their post,

Journaling as a Powerful New Habit2022-01-09T21:22:14-05:00

How to Tap into Your Natural Magnificence


How to Tap Into Your Natural Magnificence We are each absolutely magnificent beings. Yes, that means you too. I don’t just mean magnificent in a theoretical sense. Even when you are having a bad hair day, the

How to Tap into Your Natural Magnificence2021-12-15T22:07:49-05:00

Attachment Styles and Finances


Attachment Styles and Finances As a therapist, you work with your clients to help them build a healthy relationship with themselves, their pasts, the people in their lives, and their present situations. You create a

Attachment Styles and Finances2021-12-07T23:58:06-05:00

Brainspotting Phase One Training Southeast November


Trainings are open to all counselors, psychologists, social workers, addiction counselors and others in the healing professions with strong clinical backgrounds, as well as students/interns in the mental health field who are curious and seek to expand their knowledge.

Brainspotting Phase One Training Southeast November2021-08-01T01:09:14-04:00