Spirituality/Religion, Brainspotting and Beyond

What is it?

Join me for an afternoon of discovery while we explore and practice with spirituality/religion and Brainspotting. Begin to clear limbic reactions to spirituality/religious trauma and practice expanding attunement in relation to spirituality and religion. 

During this afternoon workshop, you will:

  • Develop skills for when you lose attunement, and fall out of the tail of the comet.
  • Begin to clear limbic reactions to spirituality/religion trauma.
  • Practice expanding attunement in relation to spirituality and religion.
  • Explore a new set-up called The Beyond Spot

Who is it for?

Brainspotting Practitioners.

Learning Objectives:

1.  Define the frame of Spirituality/Religion in Brainspotting

2.  Review the context from which the Brainspotting therapist works with Spirituality and Religion

3.  Identify primary frames to work with during sessions

4.  Demonstrate and practice set-ups to clear the therapist’s Limbic Countertransference.

5.  Practice expanded attunement with Brainspotting set-up including the Beyond Spot


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