Developed by Dr. Stephen Porges, the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) from Integrated Listening Systems is an auditory intervention designed to increase the feeling of safety, reduce stress and auditory sensitivity allowing improved regulation and behavior while enhancing social engagement and and sound protocol

The research has shown it to be helpful with:

• Social and emotional difficulties
• Anxiety and trauma-related challenges
• Auditory sensitivities
• Stressors that impact social engagement
• Inattention

How is it used?
The client listens to music designed with certain frequencies to support the process. It sounds like typical songs you may know. Specifically, the SSP uses the auditory system as a portal to the vagus complex, which controls our physiological state. Once the physiological state is regulated, we can accelerate or enhance subsequent therapy.

The protocol is typically for one hour a day for five consecutive days, but each client is unique so days and frequency may change. We will work together to find what works best for you. It can also be integrated into other therapeutic modalities we are working with during your treatment.

Who can benefit from SSP?
Adults or children affected by trauma and/or developmental disorders, who are experiencing difficulties with social engagement, anxiety, auditory processing, hyperarousal and emotional regulation.

People have been reporting feeling calmer, more organized, beginning to engage socially and working with more confidence.

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