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What is it?

Life has become so unpredictable and many unexpected incidents are capturing our minds with challenging images. Whether the image is from the news, family disasters, witnessing traumatic events or personal relationships, our brain and body often get stuck in a visual thought and we can’t get the picture out of our heads. This training will give you a BrainSpotting tool to help your client shift from the repeated vision and thoughts. (Previously presented as MovieSpotting)

Who is it for?

Brainspotting Practitioners.

Learning Objectives:

List and describe key elements of ImageSpotting
Express key areas in the brain that are part of ImageSpotting
Detect when to apply ImageSpotting in a session
Demonstrate ImageSpotting
Practice ImageSpotting

What people are saying:

“I couldn’t be more grateful for Cynthia’s ImageSpotting setup. Every time I left my house or looked out any of the North or West facing windows, I could see the home of the woman who purposely harmed my family and often the woman herself. This understandably caused emotional and visceral reactions on a daily basis. My grief, while never far, would be brand new and my incredulity at her horrific act and lack of remorse overwhelming. My therapist used the ImageSpotting setup in one of my sessions, and I no longer have those negative emotions, thoughts, images, head and stomach aches or heart pains when I see her. The emotional charge is gone. I only wish I had done it sooner!” S.D.


“The ImageSpot setup is beneficial for clients who experience intense anxiety about walking into a situation where they may see someone from their past, issues that seem to return, and images that get stuck. I use this to help clients with anticipatory anxiety about an upcoming event (i.e., exam, presentation, meeting someone new, interviewing, being in the same space as an ex-partner, etc.). Its effects are quick and are long-lasting. A wonderful addition to the Brainspotting family!”
Jillie Gaukstern, LCMHC


CEs applied for.

R. Cassidy Seminars (academeca.com)

Registration: $100


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If you do not receive a confirmation email, please write [email protected].