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What is it?

This online workshop will teach the power of Brainspotting and its implementation for online or in-person work. Brainspotting is a rapid, powerful and effective treatment method that works by identifying, processing and releasing core neurophysiological sources of emotion/body pain, trauma and a variety of challenging symptoms as well as expanding performance and creativity. 

Who is it for?

All counselors, psychologists, social workers, MFT’s, Addiction Specialists, health professionals and students who seek to expand their ability to heal trauma.

What will the workshop cover?

  • Learn about Brainspotting and how it can be applied effectively.
  • Discover the History of Brainspotting and its application.
  • Understand the neurobiology behind Brainspotting.
  • Learn about the three primary ways to find a Brainspot.
  • Discover how Gazespotting can be applied to your practice.


Basics of Brainspotting Online
Seminar Code: GRA-SCH-BoB-Web
Presenter(s): Cynthia Schwartzberg
Date(s): 5/29/20
Metro: Live Interactive Webinar

Pricing Information
Continuing Education Credits (3) $20.00

Standard Registration Fee: $50